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Help with 40th Birthday Meal

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toomanyeasterbunnies · 16/05/2016 13:53

It's my DH's 40th tomorrow and I have no idea what to cook. There will only be 8 of us for dinner but I need to factor in one vegetarian and one fussy 6 year old. Please let me know what you would cook? I want something special and I have no idea!!

OP posts:
Dancingqueen17 · 16/05/2016 15:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PhoenixReisling · 16/05/2016 20:25

Beef Wellington?

Portbello and red onion layered steamed pudding (for the vegetarian)

Sausage for the six year old?

You could then do an a company of veg and a red wine sauce that would go nicely with the above options?

Cookingongas · 18/05/2016 08:41

This pie is beautiful - a great party dinner.

Or mezze/tapas- honey chorizo, king prawns in garlic butter, chilli and parsley squid, tortilla, marinated peppers and courgettes, cheese croquettes, manchego, ibereco ham, Catalan tomato bread etc. Covers all likes/ dislikes

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