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favourite recipes for meals with friends

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stilllovingmysleep · 07/04/2016 18:01

I love those threads where everyone posts their favourite, tried and tested recipes that they've cooked either for family meals or for meals with friends. What are you favourite meals that you serve when you have friends coming over? I often have friends visit for a meal in the evening & I'm always on the look out for good options.

Here are some of my own favourites which I've made repeatedly for friends with great success:
Tessa Kiros' moussaka is gorgeous particularly for spring / summer and can be served with a green salad.
For summer, Tessa Kiros' strawberry cake (from Falling Cloudberries) is gorgeous, light and looks great. Have made it many times for friends.
Nigella Lawson's spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes is great & works well for friends. A great one-pan meal that is much easier to make than it appears.
Also, for dessert (particularly in spring) Nigella's lemon curd & cream cups are gorgeous and actually very very easy to make. From her book 'Kitchen' (recipe isn't online)
Jamie Oliver's chicken & leek stroganoff also works well for friends. I've made it many times.
The other thing I've made many times for dessert (for friends) is Nigella's individual trifles (don't remember the name) from Nigella Express

That's it as a start. Open to you. Looking forward to hearing ideas.

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Cookingongas · 07/04/2016 18:17

Allegra mceverdys beef Wellington from big table busy kitchen. Easy, almost all prepped in advance and damned impressive.

stilllovingmysleep · 08/04/2016 06:33

is there a link online for this Cookingongas? I couldn't find it. Bumping up so that others can give us their ideas.

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Cookingongas · 09/04/2016 07:24

I can't find it online unfortunately.

I also like these
Beef Wellington tartlets by Mary berry- obviously not in the same meal as the other Wellington though.

stilllovingmysleep · 09/04/2016 07:49

Thanks Cookingongas.

Here is another fantastic pudding from Nigella that I've made for friends many times. It's a chocolate raspberry pudding cake from How to Eat (her first and best book) & works brilliantly.

Looking forward to hearing from others too.

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IHaveBrilloHair · 09/04/2016 10:45

Delia's chicken basque

stilllovingmysleep · 09/04/2016 10:56

Thanks IHaveBrilloHair. Here's the recipe for Delia's chicken basque, just found it online. Looks great.

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Biscetti · 09/04/2016 10:59

Nigel Slater's lamb tagine. Absolutely divine and very easy.

Slow roast Persian Lamb with pomegranate salad. Delicious, easy, but impressive.

Jamie Oliver beef shin stew Proper melt in the mouth. I often use beef cheek, and also pork cheeks too. All three cuts benefit from long, slow, no effort required cooking. Perfect for large numbers too.

Puddings - pavlova always a winner. Tropical, summer berries, dark berries. Anything goes in my gob.

French Apple Tart.

Lemon tart.

I'm not posting recipes for the puds, as everyone has different ways to do them. I generally use Mary Berry's though as they work every time.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 09/04/2016 11:02

I don't really follow recipes but I like to do:
a couple of different curries with various sides
a tagine with couscous and various salads
quiche, garlic roasted potatoes and salads
lasagne, bread and salads
a Greek mezze type meal - baked butterbeans, hoummus, tsatziki, Greek salad, Greek roast potatoes etc

For pudding:
You can't really go wrong with a trifle
Nigella's chocolate Guinness cake
baklava with Greek yoghurt and berries

stilllovingmysleep · 09/04/2016 11:28

Remus amazing ideas, thanks. I've copied your suggestions & will try them soon.

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IHaveBrilloHair · 09/04/2016 16:22

I did a Greek mezze for Easter based round a shoulder of lamb, I actually have photos to post later as I Mumsnetted the lamb.

bookbook · 09/04/2016 23:15

I come on here a lot and recommended these
Nigel Slater's Chicken in Cardoman and Yoghurt - it Says chicken supremes in the recipe, but I just use chicken breasts with skin on. Its lovely, and incredibly easy

Nigella Lawsons Warm Shreeded Lamb salad with mint and pomegranate - I get asked to cook this alot

Nigellas take on creme brulee in a big dish -

Felicity Cloake - perfect panna cotta is wonderful with a side of red berry compote, or home made lemon curd

stilllovingmysleep · 10/04/2016 08:08

Thanks BookBook.
Ah yes I've made Nigella's warm lamb salad several times & it's been served to me at friends' houses--it's a good, fairly light choice & incredibly easy to make.

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