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Polenta - where can I get it?

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gailforce1 · 10/03/2016 17:09

I have tried a large Tesco, Sainsburys and Lidl. None of them could help! I wanted to make a Jamie Oliver recipe for orange and polenta biscuits.
Does anyone use polenta?

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FawnDrench · 10/03/2016 18:41

I got some in Holland and Barret. They definitely had it last year anyway!

You could try any health food shops if you haven't got a branch near you, they should stock it.

bakingaddict · 10/03/2016 18:45

Polenta can also be semolina my understanding is it's the cooked dish that's called polenta, semolina is what it's made from. I get mine from my Turkish corner shop

Mominatrix · 10/03/2016 18:45

waitrose, natoora

mamapants · 10/03/2016 18:46

I've bought in Morrison's and tesco before, always regret it though as I never enjoy it

8FencingWire · 10/03/2016 18:49

Eastern european shops have it.

Polenta is not the same as semolina. One is corn, the other one is durim wheat.

MuddhaOfSuburbia · 10/03/2016 18:50

...isn't cornmeal the same thing

Hope so. Otherwise the lemon polenta cakes I've been making the last 5 years have been FRAUDS

Heyheyheygoodbye · 10/03/2016 18:51

Cornmeal and polenta are the same thing. Try waitrose or Asian supermarket

Showgirl109 · 10/03/2016 18:52

Sainsburys sell it or waitrose.

squicketysquack · 10/03/2016 18:56

I got polenta in Lidl last week in the Italian section, think it was only about 50p! Also bought some cornmeal in a Tesco Express a few weeks ago, which is the same thing. I've used it to make a lemon polenta cake and a sacher torte

bakingaddict · 10/03/2016 18:57

Your right 8fencing I meant cornmeal not semolina don't know why I put semolina

ThatAnneGirl · 10/03/2016 18:58

I got some in a not very big sainsburys but in the world food sort of section.

shash1982 · 10/03/2016 19:17

I get mine in the big tesco. The staff didn't know where it was but found it near the gnocchi and dried pasta.

HandsomeGroomGiveHerRoom · 10/03/2016 19:39

I once exclaimed to a very young Saturday boy who wasn't sure and had to ask someone else, "of course you have polenta, this is Waitrose!" Blush Blush Blush

I've bought it from Waitrose, Morrison's and Sainsbury. It's usually in with the dried beans and whatnot, or in the fancy section with the Merchant Gourmet porcini.

NannyR · 10/03/2016 20:00

You can buy it much cheaper on the world food aisles at the big supermarkets - its labelled cornmeal rather than polenta.

AugustRose · 10/03/2016 20:11

I get mine from Morrisons or Sainsburys and use it make cornbread, mmmm. I also add a little bit to plain flour to help give quiche a crunchy texture.

HandsomeGroomGiveHerRoom · 10/03/2016 20:25

I had No Idea that cornmeal and polenta were the same thing Blush

MuddhaOfSuburbia · 11/03/2016 06:41

What's the difference between cornmeal and polenta?

About £1.50

gailforce1 · 12/03/2016 15:39

Thank you all for your replies. I never knew polenta and cornmeal were the same thing!

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