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To think that salfish amd ackee is the most abrosial dish I have ever tasted.

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BigQueenBee · 20/02/2016 17:44

I have only tasted this once; many years ago despite having many Jamaican friends.
On impulse I bought some salt fish a few weeks back and it was only last night I tried my hand at making this national dish of Jamaica.
Well, it was a triumph. It just ticked all the boxes; fresh tasting and zingy; no complex flavours, yet exciting and immensely satisfying.
My Dad and DD loved it too.
Served it with plain basmati ,fried plantain and broccoli.
I never expected anything so simple to taste so bloody good.
What dishes have you made that have ben surprisingly delicious?

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shiteforbrains · 20/02/2016 18:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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