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What can I make from these ingredients

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PebbleTTC · 19/02/2016 19:10

Baking powder
Ground almonds
Golden caster sugar
Light muscovado sugar
Icing sugar

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PebbleTTC · 19/02/2016 19:11

Or should I just drive to shop and buy chocolate bar!

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putthePuffindown · 19/02/2016 19:18

Shortbread or even chocolate shortbread? Or if you have a packet of biscuits you could make tiffin/tray bake and if you had any eggs then there's lots of cakes you can make.

PebbleTTC · 19/02/2016 19:23

Oh yes I have eggs! No biscuits

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Sgtmajormummy · 19/02/2016 19:23

Some sort of soft squidgy cake using almond flour, chocolate and golden syrup, but not sure how without any eggs...

PebbleTTC · 19/02/2016 19:24

No chocolate and golden syrup

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Sgtmajormummy · 19/02/2016 19:24

Sorry, didn't refresh...

PebbleTTC · 19/02/2016 19:26

I also found bananas and walnuts so I could make bread from that but I'm not really craving it. Maybe I should step away from the cupboard and go buy some proper food Sad

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iknowimcoming · 19/02/2016 19:28

Jamie Oliver has a recipe for party cake which is essentially a rich chocolate sponge with almonds and filled with fresh cream and strawberries and raspberries but would be equally yummy with chocolate buttercream, I'll see if it's on tinternet ......

Fiendarina · 19/02/2016 19:30

Marble cake, which is a mix of vanilla sponge recipe and chocolate cake using the cocoa? Mary Berry recipe here:

The icing, made from a combination of icing sugar, butter, cocoa and milk, is surprisingly chocolatey without using a bar of chocolate.

iknowimcoming · 19/02/2016 19:31

Jamie's recipe

What can I make from these ingredients
PebbleTTC · 19/02/2016 19:31

It says I need oranges and cream and I don't have either

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PebbleTTC · 19/02/2016 19:32

Sorry I googled a different recipe

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ButtonLoon · 19/02/2016 19:33
iknowimcoming · 19/02/2016 19:35

It's a solid relatable recipe, I've made birthday cakes for years with that one Smile feeling hungry now damnit!

iknowimcoming · 19/02/2016 19:35


BikeRunSki · 19/02/2016 19:50

If you want something quickly, chocolate mug cake

BrieAndChilli · 19/02/2016 20:01

Chocolate brownies.

PebbleTTC · 19/02/2016 20:38

Went with chocolate mug cake!

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PebbleTTC · 19/02/2016 20:39

Thanks everyone Smile

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BikeRunSki · 19/02/2016 20:42
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