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what would you pay for

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Stoneagemum · 30/01/2016 16:19

1 chicken
4 chicken legs
1lb bacon
1lb sausages
1lb minced beef
1lb diced beef
2 gammon steaks

And how long would it last you?

I bought this deal from a butchers today, I don't usually buy meat in bulk like this. I think I have a good deal, but how good is it really?

OP posts:
KitKat1985 · 30/01/2016 19:39

I would have thought about £40 from a supermarket. How much did you pay? x

Stoneagemum · 31/01/2016 17:53

I paid £20 for the lot. Chicken is roasting now it's a decent size so will feed us tomorrow as well as it just me and 2 teen dc's.

OP posts:
Wolfcub · 31/01/2016 18:08

£36 -38 in Sainsbury or Ocado by maximising their 3 for 10 deal

KitKat1985 · 31/01/2016 18:36

That's a good deal. Well done!

Stoneagemum · 06/02/2016 21:00

Not feeling so smug today thou, 1lb sausages 2lb bacon and 5lb slab of belly pork £21 Blush

OP posts:
almo023 · 09/02/2016 23:42

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