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Urgent Ham in coke advice - ? vincotto

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LeNouedDeViperes · 01/01/2016 12:49

The ham is simmering away nicely, though looks like shit, I'm not using Nigella's recipie which calls for black treacle (as DH doesn't like it) and found one with whole grain mustard, red wine vinegar and 150mls of maple syrup for the glaze.

Have just discovered that I've only white wine vinegar and about 15mls of maple syrup. Xmas Shock

I've got some fig vincotto that I've never opened that I believe us syrupy and vinegary. Can I improvise with that? Xmas Confused

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Wolpertinger · 01/01/2016 12:50

Open it, taste it - if it's vaguely sticky and sugary you can use it Smile

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius · 01/01/2016 12:51

What other ingredients do you have? I glazed our Boxing Day gammon with brown sugar, a bit of mustard and ginger preserve. Or you could use marmelade, mustard and brown sugar.

Basically, you want a balance of flavours - something sweet to give you that caramelised glaze, and something with a bit of bite to balance the sweetness - mustard is good for this, I think.

Wolpertinger · 01/01/2016 12:52

Or TBH you can not bother with the glaze, you get a lot of flavour from the coke and I found the glaze doesn't really add that much so you could save your vincotto (which sounds yum) for another occasion where it will be centre stage.

I've definitely done ham in coke with no glaze at all.

HoneyDragon · 01/01/2016 13:03

Mine was lovely this year. Did it in the slow cooker with brown sugar and ground cloves and then 20 min in the oven glazed with honey.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow · 01/01/2016 13:05

Made this last night with just coke- just carved it for later and it tastes lush! no glaze needed necessarily OP

TrinityForce · 01/01/2016 13:20

yep I also forgo the glaze and just serve as is!

It's lovely, enjoy.

Wolpertinger · 01/01/2016 13:21

Have also remembered the occasion I did it with the glaze- a good 90% of the glaze falls off straight away and most of the remainder slid off and burnt in the oven. DH then didn't eat any of the fat anyway so I really shouldn't have bothered Hmm

Bit of brown sugar and mustard or honey sounds much better or nothing Smile

babyiwantabump · 01/01/2016 13:22

I used cherry jam - when I did ham in cherry Coke though . Any kind of jam will do !

LeNouedDeViperes · 01/01/2016 16:11

Thank you for all the reassurance. Flowers
I studded it with cloves, sprinkled it with brown sugar and added the Aldi fig vincotto, it was delicious! Xmas Grin

There's not much left though. Xmas Sad

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