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Desperately need help to get child to eat any type of fruit

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TreeHuggerMum1 · 29/12/2015 08:24

My 6yo boy just won't eat any fruit at all.
He started off well, lived fruit as a baby or toddler however he started being picky around 3 ish. We kept thinking it was a phase but now he'd rather die - he actually said to me "I'd rather drown that eat fruit" 😁
How do I get him back on track?
I've tried every type of fruit going.
My two other children eat it by the bucket load so I think it's a pyschological things as opposed to a know actual food dislike.
I've tried giving it at the start of the meal and he just ignores it.
I've stopped snacks and it doesn't help, he just won't eat.
Help. Im losing patience.

OP posts:
Sirzy · 29/12/2015 08:26

Does he eat veg? If so I wouldn't worry too much. If you push it he is more likely to keep refusing!

ceeveebee · 29/12/2015 08:30

Will he drink a fruit smoothie/milkshake? Or dried banana chips? I know not as nutritious as raw fruit but at least gets him used to the taste and gets some vitamins in (although as pp says, fruit is just like veg with added sugar!).

RNBrie · 29/12/2015 08:30

I wouldn't worry about this at all as long as he's eating vegetables. Fruit really isn't that good for you as it's so sugary - my dentist tells me it should be treated like sweets, as an occasional treat. Vegetables are far more important, so if he's happy eating those then you're all set!

bittapitta · 29/12/2015 08:31

Fruit is rather sugary, does he eat veg? Snack on sticks of pepper, tomatoes, carrots instead? I don't like fruit much to be honest. I don't think it's had a detrimental effect on me!

rainbowstardrops · 29/12/2015 08:36

Give up trying. I have. Ds is now 15 Confused

Like you, I gave him fruit purée etc as a baby and all was fine. Once he started eating solids and developed his idea of what he did and didn't like then he refused point blank.

We tried reward charts, introducing a different fruit each week etc etc but nothing worked.

He used to actually gag on it! He eats veg though and so I just accept now that that's how he is.

He is so anti fruit, that he barely even eats or drinks fruit flavoured things weirdo Grin

He doesn't eat sweets as they're generally fruit flavoured and the only 'fruity' drink he'll drink is blackcurrant cordial. So basically he only ever drinks blackcurrant squash, milk or water!

He's a strapping lad though who is taller than me so I'm not that fussed any more Smile

rainbowstardrops · 29/12/2015 08:37

Meant to say that my younger DD is a fruit monster and will eat most fruits!

TreeHuggerMum1 · 29/12/2015 08:49

Thanks guys, he'll eat peas carrots broccoli potatoes etc so will try not to worry.
Haven't tried the smoothie option so will have a bash with that too.

OP posts:
Higge · 29/12/2015 08:50

Agree that veg eating is much more beneficial than fruit. - I don't buy fruit anymore - no one eats it in our house!

Fugghetaboutit · 29/12/2015 08:51

Veggies are better than fruit as less sugar so as he's eating that, he's fine. My ds hates all fruit too except smoothies and dried mango. He won't even eat an apple. Has always been like that since I weaned him! We all love fruit in the house too

insancerre · 29/12/2015 08:56

Try making fruit kebabs with him on wooden skewers
Try to involve him in growing and preparing it
Make banana bread or carrot cake with him
Model it. Make it a normal part of the family routine so it doesn't feel like he is being forced to do something he wouldn't normally do

Toraleistripe · 29/12/2015 08:59

No one in my house eats fruit. My like it sometimes.m we just eat lots of veg. Better for you really.

Will he eat raw carrots?

vikjul · 29/12/2015 09:02

My dd (7) doesn't like fruit either. She does like various berries though (less sweet, different textures), worth a try? Otherwise I agree with pp that as long as they like vegetables it's fine.

lifesalongsong · 29/12/2015 09:19

Is your username an indication of your lifestyle choices?

I think it's a bit extreme that you have become desperate about this, in the grand scheme of life is it really a big deal? Unless he's at risk of scurvy I don't see the problem and for your other children eating bucketloads of fruits can't be healthy either.

As long as children are eating a generally balanced diet fads over one food or another aren't going to do them any harm within pretty wide boundaries

gamerchick · 29/12/2015 09:43

I gave up. He's a pretty shit water in general so gets supplements.

Just up his veg to compensate.

Jackie0 · 29/12/2015 09:46

Fruit really isn't that great for you anyway.

Blu · 29/12/2015 09:46

If he eats those veg and eats plenty of veg every day there is no need for fruit angst.

Building veg into breakfast is harder. You could make frittata/ Spanish omelette in advance, avocado on toast, beans on toast, grilled tomatoes on toast, poached egg on spinach, or home made breakfast muffins with either grated fruit or courgettes etc.

BertrandRussell · 29/12/2015 09:48

My ds has not eaten fruit of any kind except orange and apple juice and raisins since he was 18 months old. He is now nearly 15, in excellent health and nearly 6ft. He just says he doesn't like it.

His sister is a real fruit bat and used to get really upset that he was missing out on the delicious things she loves and at one stage tried to pay him to eat it, but no luck.

I really wouldn't worry about it.

PitPatKitKat · 29/12/2015 10:02

As he eats vegetables don't worry about it. Too much fruit gives some people heat spots/the runs, so maybe he just knows himself well enough.

Toraleistripe · 29/12/2015 10:15

Give him a daily multi vit tablet if you are worried.

Chewbecca · 29/12/2015 12:42

DS eats fruit extremely rarely, a sliced apple maybe & the occasional glass of juice.

He does eat almost every vegetable possible though, so I make sure he has plenty, extra veg sticks with lunch and a variety of veg with every dinner.

Keep extending the veg selection, add raw veg (peppers, carrots, cucumber, toms etc) and keep adding to the hot selection, add cabbage, swede, cauliflower, squash, green beans, sweet corn, stir fried bean sprouts, pak Choi, keep adding. I find it best to have a small quantity of a variety of veg with each meal, including ones they've previously not been keen on. If they're not keen on one, they may eat the others. & change the cooking method, sometimes a knob of butter makes a veg more palatable! You can always reduce the butter quantity later.

I think it's fine & he is very well.

cosytoaster · 29/12/2015 23:15

Don't worry - my youngest DS eats no fruit whatsoever and never has done. He eats very, very limited amounts of vegetables too, although I always put some on his plate. He's much healthier than average (rarely gets colds etc) and has bags of energy. My dsis was similar as a child and now eats pretty normally, so I'm hoping as he gets older he'll start eating better.

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