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How long for a beef joint in the slow cooker?

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Wenchelda · 22/12/2015 13:52

I did a slow cooked beef joint on Xmas day last year that turned out lovely and everyone really enjoyed - I want to do it again but cannot remember what I did/how long it needed. It's a beef roasting joint, 2.05kg. Do I just bung it in or does it need some liquid in there too? And how long do I need and on low or high? (I don't have medium). Many thanks :-)

OP posts:
MrsPnut · 22/12/2015 19:48

What sort of joint is it, I would personally cook low and slow for about 8 hours .

When i cook beef, i usually sling some carrot, celery and onion chunks in the bottom and a glass or so of red wine and then the beef on top. This makes a lovely base for gravy later.

MabelBee · 22/12/2015 19:52

I'd agree with low, 8 or 9 hours. I do red wine, onion and rub the meat with minced garlic.

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