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Best turkey crown?

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firesidechat · 09/12/2015 16:12

We've always cooked a whole turkey for Christmas. This year I have limited oven space and only 3 eating turkey on the day. Much to my husbands disgust (he always does the turkey) I'm thinking a turkey crown may be the best option.

Can anyone recommend a good one, possibly stuffed, although that's not essential?

OP posts:
wavingfuriously · 09/12/2015 18:57

M&S not bad

dementedpixie · 09/12/2015 18:57

We have looked at crowns in the past but they are always more expensive so we end up with a whole one anyway! Could you not just buy a smaller whole one?

QforCucumber · 09/12/2015 19:02

Our local butchers do a great one - stuffed and topped with streaky bacon, worth looking in the butchers around your area.

cottonweary · 09/12/2015 19:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

firesidechat · 09/12/2015 20:15

I will pop in to the butchers tomorrow and see what they have. Their free range turkeys are usually good. I just wonderedif anyone had bought a decent one. I'm a bit worried it will be dry.

OP posts:
pumpkinbutter · 09/12/2015 20:20

We've ordered a rolled butterfly turkey breast. No bones, not waste, no vast oven needed. For 4 of us it has cost us about £20 ish.

I thickly spread it with butter then wrap it in streaky bacon. Doesn't take as much cooking so I don't spend hours cooking.

GinandJag · 09/12/2015 20:24

I know this is not purist, but Iceland's Perfect turkey crown.

We got one for Thanksgiving last year and it was amazing.

I still did the fresh full-Delia number at Christmas but bought another for the freezer. When we had that, it was amazing again. We repeated at Thanksgiving this year with the same results. I am seriously tempted for Christmas. It is sooooo hassle-free (and more moist).

Boredofthinkingofnewnames · 09/12/2015 20:26

I got a breast joint, stuffed and wrapped with streaky bacon from our local butcher for thanksgiving. It was amazing, fed 12 with leftovers ( and we're greedy - no magic mumsnet chicken here). All for £35.

The best bit was the leftovers actually got eaten as it was all breast left and none of us really like the dark meat anyway.

I will never buy a whole turkey again!

howtorebuild · 09/12/2015 20:28

The M&S meal deal one was very nice last year.

firesidechat · 09/12/2015 20:34

Thanks. At least no one has come on yet to say that their crown was a tasteless, dry disappointment. Not that I care really - I don't even like turkey that much, but for everyone else it has to be turkey or nothing.

OP posts:
dreamingofsun · 09/12/2015 20:37

we had crown couple of years ago as the main oven had broken. oh what a much easier to carve and lovely and moist. ours came in a bag from waitrose that you just stuck in the oven and then i think you had to baste towards the very end. so easy and so nice never again a whole bird for us

firesidechat · 09/12/2015 22:38

I think I may have just ordered that one from Ocado dreaming. If it isn't up to scratch it doesn't matter too much. The best thing about Christmas dinner are all the trimmings anyway.

OP posts:
Higge · 09/12/2015 22:40

With only 3 eating - I'd roast a chicken instead - much tastier than a turkey!

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig · 09/12/2015 22:49

I'd just buy a small whole turkey. We always make curry out of the leftovers and freeze it.

MaureenMLove · 09/12/2015 23:12

DH goes to Smithfield meat market for our meat and always gets a huge crown for less that £30. We cook half of it at Christmas and the other half at Easter!

He puts stuffing in it, rolls it, wraps it in bacon and covers in tin foil until the last 30 mins, so the bacon crisps up. It has never been dry at all.

firesidechat · 11/12/2015 17:33

I've bought a plain turkey crown so that Mr fireside can do his thing with basting and flavouring and such. Thanks for all the help.

OP posts:
Titsywoo · 11/12/2015 17:39

I also just got a rolled breast joint from the local butcher. Locally sourced good quality meat for 5 people was £25. Saves all the carving around bones which I am crap at. Will get a thigh or two for some dark meat though.

987flowers · 14/12/2015 18:44

The waitrose one which comes with in a roasting bag are amazing

firesidechat · 14/12/2015 22:18

That's the one I've ordered 987. Enough for Christmas dinner and loads of leftovers without having to eat turkey for a week.

OP posts:
pieceofpurplesky · 14/12/2015 22:28

Cook it upside down on a rack wrapped in foil. Juices flow through the meat then and keep it moist

987flowers · 14/12/2015 23:12

Hope you like it!

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