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Red onion marmalade greasy!

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BeeRose30 · 06/12/2015 18:00

I made a batch of red onion marmalade recently and have just tested one of the jars to see how it was maturing. The recipe was once I used a couple of years ago with great results. However, this time the product is quite greasy. There's a lot of visible fat dispersed through it and it leaves a residue on the spoon. Not sure where I've gone wrong. I noted the large amount of butter and oil called for in the recipe, but as it worked perfectly last time just followed it religiously. Can anyone suggest a way to save it? I am used to making jams and jellies, but not so adept with chutneys etc. I was thinking of either a) reheating and adding a small amount of flour, as with a greasy stew or sauce, or b) reheating and leaving it to sit in the hope that the fat would rise and be skimmed off. Any advice would be really appreciated!

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