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Help with pudding post buffet decision

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lessonsintightropes · 21/11/2015 21:39


I have 12 people for dinner on 5 Dec - pre Xmas get together. Have one no-spice eater, 2 non-pig eaters (nominally muslim but will have a glass of something and abide alcohol in food). 2 DCs, both in mid teens. Am planning:

Buttermilk bacon pralines
Cheese straws
Olives and nuts

Main dishes:
Steak and mushroom pie
Fish pie
Chicken curry

To accompany:
Roast sweet potatoes
Cinnamon and clove pilau rice
Green beans (perhaps)

So what's for pud? Tastes range from traditional to adventurous but no culinary limitations, was planning on 2 - 3 choices, preferably ones which can be made a week or so in advance and frozen for heating up on the day. Am toying with apple and blackberry crumble, rocky road for the kids and having a bit of a blank about option 3. I do a nice chocolate boozy moouse?

Any suggestions gratefully received!

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Donge13 · 21/11/2015 22:10

I think your choice of pudding sounds great, but if you chucked a trifle in there it would be perfection Wink

Blondie1984 · 21/11/2015 22:30

How about something like a tarte au citron or fruit pavlova?
Would you be doing a cheese board too? I find they always go down well

lessonsintightropes · 21/11/2015 22:47

Fab suggestions! Trifle isn't liked by a few folk, but I will nix the rocky road and add a lemon tart and some cheese. Thank you for your help Smile

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