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Inspiration needed for tonight

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FTS123 · 17/11/2015 16:02

I have 7 of us to feed, 2 adults, 4 pre teens and a 5 year old. Need to use the frozen fish fillets I have but no idea what to do with them. Complete mind block!

I have lots of fresh veg, rice, potatoes, lemons.

One hates fish pie.

Any ideas?

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SecretLocation · 17/11/2015 16:13

Not sure if these ideas are any good, but off the top of my head;

Fish cakes

Battered fish with home made chips and veg

Fish curry with rice

Fish cooked with lemon, butter and herbs with mash and veg.

cdtaylornats · 17/11/2015 16:15

Steamed ginger fish with egg fried rice

FTS123 · 17/11/2015 16:34

Those will do nicely! Thankyou! xx

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