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Quinoa recipes please

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Merguez · 25/10/2015 09:32

I have quite a bit of quinoa that needs using up. Please share your best recipes - my books are a bit sparse on this ingredient.


OP posts:
JamNan · 25/10/2015 10:59
whois · 25/10/2015 17:55

I pretty much just use it as you would rice or couscous - so eat it with a tasty tagine or stew or with something that is nice and saucy.

Curiouserandcuriouser30 · 25/10/2015 18:06

I make a salad with quinoa, roasted vegetables, and you can add feta cheese. I think it's on BBC good food.

Also it works really well in a chilli, or on the side of stews etc. in place of rice.

I also sometimes make veggie burgers with cooked quinoa, cannelloni beans and a crumbled stock cube, all mashed together and shaped into burgers. They fall apart a bit when you eat them, but they are very tasty and filling.

Drladybird · 26/10/2015 12:09

What about Italian style quinoa salad?

Otherwise, we often use it in place of cous cous like whois suggests.

happylass · 27/10/2015 07:25
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