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Pork ideas

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PigletJohn · 17/10/2015 20:04

Have been clearing out the freezer and found some pork loin. It is tightly wrapped but been there a while so I'm thinking slow wet cooking. Did minestrone yesterday and kedgeree today, so I'm thinking not tomatoes, beans or rice. I have in mind a blanquette.

Any ideas? also have onions, celery, potatoes to use up, but we like mash.

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SquadGoals · 18/10/2015 13:49

I'd do some sort of Irish type stew. Either with an apple-y sauce or with a can of Guiness and slow cooked.

PigletJohn · 18/10/2015 14:40

that's a good idea, thanks.

I looked up pork and apple, and found some Normandy recipes as well.

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