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Recipes using wine?

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Canyouforgiveher · 12/10/2015 16:01

I have nearly 2 bottles of leftover white wine I want to use up today if possible. Any nice recipes?

I was thinking of making a tomato sauce (usually use wine in that), a chicken dish of some sort and maybe a bolognaise sauce. Any other more inspiring ideas?

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BinToHellAndBack · 12/10/2015 17:51

Came on to say bolognese but you've had that thought! Next idea... double the quantity of bolognese and put half into a lasagne? Risotto?

whois · 12/10/2015 18:19

Drink some whilst cooking? Invite a neighbor or friend round for a drink?

Ktay · 12/10/2015 18:24

This fish stew is usually well received (not a fish eater myself) and would use up a glass's worth

SunnySomer · 12/10/2015 18:28

Chicken casserole (bacon lardons, chicken thighs/bone-in beasts, chopped onion, celery stick, carrot, some thyme and a load of white wine.
Or good in a chicken or fish risotto?
Or really good in a syllabub!!

TyneTeas · 12/10/2015 19:01

chicken and bacon casserole : )

(And you can freeze wine to cook with another time)

Nonnainglese · 12/10/2015 19:12

Fennel, bacon, leeks and cod bake.for two:
Fry off streaky bacon 2 slices per person, add 2 finely sliced fennel bulbs, cook until softened. Add large knob of butter, two thinly sliced leeks, put on lid and leave to sweat for 5 minutes. Add 200 mls dry white wine, bring to a simmer and cook until syrupy.
Put in ovenproof dish, put two pieces of cod on top and cook in oven at 180° for about 20 minutes until fish is cooked. Serve with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Absolutely yummy!

Nonnainglese · 12/10/2015 19:13

You can add creme fraiche before putting in the oven if you want a creamier sauce.

cdtaylornats · 12/10/2015 21:38

2 bottles of leftover white wine

I've googled it, I've asked friends but sorry no one understands what leftover wine is.

Canyouforgiveher · 12/10/2015 21:39

Thanks everyone. Am going to do 2 lots of bolognaise, the chicken and bacon casserole and will freeze anything left (didn't think of that)

Not usually much wine leftover here. this is a special occasion :)

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