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How long does unopened hummus keep for?

3 replies

BathshebaDarkstone · 29/09/2015 13:49

It's been in the fridge for a week, I'm loath to throw it away.

OP posts:
VicklePickle · 29/09/2015 14:10

I am sure it will be fine as it is un-opened. I would open it can give it a smell. If it has water on the top then I would chuck away.

BikeRunSki · 29/09/2015 14:13

if it's unopened it should be fine. I'd eat it soon though, next couple of days.

nothingwittyhere · 29/09/2015 15:14

I've eaten them up to a week after the Use By date, as long as you have stored it properly in a cool place for the whole time it will probably be fine. (I'm sure I read recently that even the Use By date represents a "worst case" scenario for the way that an item was stored.)

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