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Quick help! Roast chicken tonight and no lemon.

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TheOddity · 14/09/2015 16:48

Please come up with a miracle solution ASAP as I need to put the chicken in the oven.

I just got back from shopping, heavily pregnant and sleeping child in pram. It's also raining. I need to get the chicken in and realised I forgot the lemon to shove up its bum.

Is there anything else that fills the cavity and tastes nice/keeps it moist? I have garlic but not sure I have the quantity for that job. A peach?! A potato?


OP posts:
MelanieCheeks · 14/09/2015 16:49

I don't think anything's necessary!

tshirtsuntan · 14/09/2015 16:49

An onion works.

ThursdayLastWeek · 14/09/2015 16:49

I havent ever put anything up a chickens bum, I think it'll be fine!

BertrandRussell · 14/09/2015 16:50

Just shove it in the oven- no need to put anything in it. But an onion would do. And the peach might be delicious. But nothing is fine!

KitingOverThePains · 14/09/2015 16:50

You don't have to put anything in there you know...

KitingOverThePains · 14/09/2015 16:51

Well I'm sure you do know as several people got there before me and my annoying...

Tiggeryoubastard · 14/09/2015 16:51

You don't need to put anything in there.

HemanOrSheRa · 14/09/2015 16:52

Try an onion, a few cloves of garlic and a couple of bay leaves. Plenty of seasoning. If you've got some rosemary and sage shove that in too and smear the inside of the cavity with a good amount of butter.

Snozberry · 14/09/2015 16:52

Just leave it empty

patterkiller · 14/09/2015 16:53

It's a rare day that I do insert anything. Just roast it as it is.

TheOddity · 14/09/2015 16:58

Wow. Massive education. I feel I have been sacrificing lemons at the chicken alter. Might have to ditch that now if it's ok without. Right, just as I feel the chicken Lord may still expect a sacrifice I will stick a bit of Rosemary and sage up there with some butter. It will make me feel safer Confused. Not sure if I can take he plunge and go naked just yet up there.

OP posts:
beardsrock · 14/09/2015 17:05

If you have to put something, put the peach.

gymboywalton · 14/09/2015 17:06

i use onion and bayleaf
or cloves of garlic and peppercorns
or an apple

AsTimeGoesBy · 14/09/2015 17:08

Onion is far nicer than lemon, as others have said maybe some thyme, bayleaf, parsley. A peach would be awful I think.

BrendaandEddie · 14/09/2015 17:09

you can ever actualyl taste the lemon anyway ime

i never use one

cdtaylornats · 14/09/2015 17:11

My mother uses any citrus fruit to hand

DriverSurpriseMe · 14/09/2015 17:13

I generally roast chickens without stuffing them with anything. I've used a lemon very occasionally but never noticed much of a difference.

BabyGanoush · 14/09/2015 17:17

The thread title should up for award of Middle Class dilemma of the week Grin

with runners up:

" Help, Waitrose has sold out of balsamic, what do I do with these tomatoes now?"


" Help, my mung bean salad has ants in it (or are they goji berries?!how can one tell?)"

MerryMarigold · 14/09/2015 17:18

Never done it, but usually roast upside down for 45 mins to get the bottom a bit golden and then turn. V moist. Add a bit of water and it steams in the oven. I like to cook mine for 2 hours though till it falls off the bone. I like to add a lot of seasoning on the top. Cajun seasoning, herbs, garlic and a knob of butter.

AsTimeGoesBy · 14/09/2015 17:18

I think you can slightly taste the lemon, I definitely prefer onion and would never, ever use any other sort of fruit.

twirlypoo · 14/09/2015 17:21

I shove a lemon up the bum, or, for a change I mix mixed herbs with butter and crushed garlic and insert it under the skin and in the hole. I then cover it with foil until about half an hour before it's due to come out. Mmmmm, I want roast chicken dinner now!

rainpouringrainbows · 14/09/2015 17:23

reading this, I've just shoved garlic and herbes de provence in there. Confused

Do you ladies cover the chicken with foil, or do you just leave it naked?

DriverSurpriseMe · 14/09/2015 17:24

The thread title should up for award of Middle Class dilemma of the week


I was a bit perplexed that the OP didn't think it was possible, nay allowed, to roast a chicken without shoving something up its arse.

I mean, a peach? A POTATO?

Laughing with you, not at you Oddity Wink

Tiggeryoubastard · 14/09/2015 17:25

Wouldn't equate it with class, just someone who doesn't realise it's not necessary.

MerryMarigold · 14/09/2015 17:33

rain, I definitely do it naked, but with the water in the bottom of the tray. I like a crunchy skin, but meat falling off the bone.

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