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How to make 'snacky' food more substantial?

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VeraClaythorne · 05/09/2015 23:19

I would like chorizo, cheese, bread etc for dinner one night but I need to make sure it feels like a 'proper' dinner for hungry males Hmm

What would you serve? Just looking for general yummy ideas as well as ways to make sure it's filling...

OP posts:
RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 06/09/2015 01:34

Pan of garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes?

Baked camembert?

Baked potatoes?

AimlesslyPurposeful · 06/09/2015 05:59

What about having that alongside a thick soup?

Or some chunky home made and seasoned oven cooked chips?


Or, what about having a hot pudding? A stodgy sticky toffee pudding or a hot pie served with cream or custard? That should leave them feeling satisfied if you just serve the cheese, bread and chorizo.

TinklyLittleLaugh · 06/09/2015 18:42

Feeling your pain Vera. The males in my household are absolute troughers, (do lots of sport so have that as an excuse). I am deeply fed up with meals having to be "substantial".

yeOldeTrout · 06/09/2015 21:15

Mine would happily gobble 6 sausage rolls.
Add a marguerita pizza if you want variety, maybe.

Donge13 · 06/09/2015 21:29

Prawns with chilli and her by potatoes

Blondie1984 · 06/09/2015 22:46

Patatas bravas and maybe a big salad

BrandNewAndImproved · 06/09/2015 22:55

I'd add pizza, warm pittas and hummous to fill them up more. Or crumble and custard for pudding.

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