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Sunday lunch for pregnant vegetarian?

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TempusFuckit · 03/09/2015 18:31

I have invited some friends over for Sunday lunch in a couple of weeks, but am wondering what to cook. They're both vegetarian, but she's also pregnant with twins, in the second trimester. So presumably I need something bland and easily digestible, but still special.

Does anyone have any ideas? I would do a nut roast (I know they both like that), but might it be a bit stodgy if you've got two babies kicking your stomach?

OP posts:
MrsAukerman · 05/09/2015 15:10

Up until very recently it's been within guidelines to have 1-2 units once or twice a week. It's a horrible feeling being excluded from everyone else having a drink when she might love to nurse a tiny glass of wine as a Sunday treat.

MrsAukerman · 05/09/2015 15:10

In other words let her decide.

CultureSucksDownWords · 05/09/2015 16:25

Coletterbox, if you know a fair few "vegetarians" who eat fish, then I'd argue that you actually know a fair few pescetarians. Vegetarians by definition don't eat fish.

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