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Best breakfast

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Blueberry234 · 28/08/2015 22:30

My smallest is starting school soon, over the summer he has fallen into the habit of having cornflakes or rice crispies and fruit but predictably he is hungry a couple of hours later. Best breakfast to set them up for a day at school?

(Will eat anything, except courgette and aubergine!)

OP posts:
lastqueenofscotland · 28/08/2015 23:24


Or I find two veggie sausages and beans fills me up more than carbs do

Allalonenow · 28/08/2015 23:33

Porridge and a poached egg on toast.

Dancingqueen17 · 29/08/2015 15:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Doraydiego · 30/08/2015 03:47

Avocado and scrambled egg on wholewheat toast.

MinesAPintOfTea · 30/08/2015 05:00

Poached eggs on(marmite) crumpets. Porridge with handfuls of frozen berries to cool, sweeten and add colour.

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