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What can I cook for dinner with these ingredients?

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Flingmoo · 20/08/2015 15:24

Its one of those days the weekly shop has run out in the sense that I have no planned 'main meal' ingredients left, just a load of random stuff. It feels like I've got nothing in but typing it out I see that I actually have loads, its just that I dont know what to do with it! Hope you can help. I could go shopping in the evening when DH gets back with the car but would rather start preparing something before then so I can just relax in the evening... Obviously don't have to use everything!

In my fridge I have:

Sweet potato
Spring onion
1 carrot
Mixed bell peppers
Cheddar cheese
Mozzarella ball
Puff pastry

Cupboard stuff:

Coconut milk
Tinned mixed beans
Loads of herbs and spices
Oil, balsamic vinegar etc

OP posts:
cerigrafu · 20/08/2015 15:27

Vegetable curry using all the spare veg a few anchovies coconut milk and rice.
a cucumber salad on the side.
Strawberries for afters?

justtheonethen · 20/08/2015 15:40


With gnocchi on the side, you could fry them like nigella does, rapid rostini, delicious!

bilbodog · 20/08/2015 15:55

roast the peppers and slice thinly, add passata and garlic, heat, add herbs of choice or pesto if you have it, chuck in chunks of mozarella then toss with cooked spaghetti. Voila!

Flingmoo · 20/08/2015 15:56

Brill, I think I'll do the aubergine one tonight and the curry tomorrow, that gives me 2 dinners from "nothing" Smile

OP posts:
justtheonethen · 20/08/2015 17:34

Brilliant! Now if anyone can create a meal from a parmesan rind and half a lemon let me know! Takeaway I think tonight Grin

Blu · 20/08/2015 17:47

A veg tarte tatin.

Arrange slices of the aubergine, onion and sweet potato in the base of an ovenproof pan (a paella type pan is ideal) , fry/ caremrlise in butter

Blu · 20/08/2015 17:49

Sorry , to continue: add herbs and pepper, roast in oven till mostly soft, roll out puff pastry, lay on top of pan, cook in oven till pastry done.
Invert to serve, and eat with a bean and cucumber salad.

FarelyKnuts · 20/08/2015 17:51

If you have butter and spaghetti to go with that justtheone you have dinner Wink

Flingingmelon · 20/08/2015 17:54

Blu I'm doing that tonight, sounds fantastic.

justtheonethen · 20/08/2015 18:05

That is true! I've got frozen prawns too I've just discovered so with a bit of garlic and parsley looks like I have dinner. Grin

Flingmoo · 20/08/2015 19:17

The aubergine parmigiana aubergine bake thingy came out lovely. I did deviate from the recipe slightly and added anchovies to the top before baking, it just seemed like it would go, and it did Smile I did the fried gnocchi too, so easy and yummy, will definitely add that to my repertoire! My 1 year old liked it too.

Thanks for the inspiration! If it wasn't for Mumsnet we'd have ended up with yet another takeaway.

OP posts:
justtheonethen · 20/08/2015 20:00

Great news, we love that meal!

GrannyAch1ng · 20/08/2015 20:20

Puff pastry pizza minus the tomato sauce?

Cheese and vegetable turnovers? Boil and mash the root veg, saute peppers, onions etc, mix together and use as filling.

Celery, cucumber and spring onions as a side salad.

GrannyAch1ng · 20/08/2015 20:21

I just noticed the tinned mixed beans which could be added to the pasties too.

FarelyKnuts · 21/08/2015 09:32

We bought a massive chunk of parmesan cheese back from Italy justtheone. Been whomping it down with fresh pasta and butter.
It's too nice to sully it with any extras Grin

Sallyhasleftthebuilding · 21/08/2015 09:36

If you have eggs and milk, look up egg tarts and use the puff pastry, yum.

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