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ricotta cheese

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SuperFlyHigh · 13/08/2015 09:36

got 2 tubs of ricotta cheese for a recipe and have a spare one left over.

what to do with it please? thanks

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cdtaylornats · 13/08/2015 09:41

You could use it to make a creamy pasta sauce.

Izlet · 13/08/2015 09:47

Or just eat it with a spoon?

Mix with pesto or tomato sauce for pasta
Grate some apple or blend some fruit in it, refrigerate and eat as mousse
Mix will icing sugar and a vanilla pod, leave overnight in the fridge then use it to fill pastries or cakes. Ditto with a drop of amaretto but that's less child friendly Smile.

SuperFlyHigh · 13/08/2015 09:50

Izlet I don't have kids so no worries...!

I could not eat it with a spoon!

I have pesto. the fruit seems a good idea and I have a ton of green apples.

OP posts:
IHaveBrilloHair · 13/08/2015 09:54

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni is delicious

SuperFlyHigh · 13/08/2015 09:56

IHave - I did think of that...

I made courgette, ricotta and tomato sauce lasagne last night. mmmmm

OP posts:
SignoraStronza · 13/08/2015 09:56

I eat it with chunks of apple.

Izlet · 13/08/2015 10:00

Grated apple, a drop of Apple juice or sugar to sweeten slightly plus a splash of calvados Wink. Whisk and pop in the fridge.

SuperFlyHigh · 13/08/2015 10:10

the only spirits I have are:-

Southern Comfort

and Pimms (not a spirit)

would they do??

OP posts:
Izlet · 13/08/2015 11:52

Pimms would do the job I should imagine Smile.

Or maybe not. Nothing to stop you washing it down with a large refreshing glass of Pimms and lemonade though. Or you could perhaps make a Pimms sorbet to eat on the side. So many possibilities! Grin

Dancingqueen17 · 13/08/2015 13:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SuperFlyHigh · 13/08/2015 13:17

Dancing I think we have a winner... making those at some point this weekend thanks!

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