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Quick and easy recipes for Zoku Quick Pop maker?

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SusieFlo · 04/08/2015 13:05

Hello, does anyone out there have a Zoku Quick Pop maker? I got one for my birthday and am after some simple and foolproof recipes for it. I can see a lot of recipes online but most seem to require strange American ingredients that you can't get easily over here.

I'm wondering if there might be a simple formula that I can follow to invent recipes with my smoothie maker (e.g. a good rule of thumb for the ratio of fruit/yogurt/sugar that will set and de-mould reliably?)

Many thanks

OP posts:
ZazieSiddharta · 05/08/2015 01:24

I just used to put in squashed strawberries with a bit of lemon and sugar, or pour in some ready made smoothie. Unmoulding them wasn't really a problem tbh. Got fed up of washing it quite fast though.

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