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Can anyone recommend a cake to make in advance and transport 2.5 hrs by car?

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magicpuppy · 03/08/2015 16:12

DH has a big birthday coming up and we will be on holiday self-catering.

I could pack up all the baking gear and make him a cake once there but I think I would prefer to do it in advance and bring it with us.

I'd probably need to bake Friday to eat Sunday.

I know a fruit cake would be easiest but would like something a bit more festive.

Any suggestions?


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loveulotslikejellytots · 03/08/2015 16:21

A Madeira sponge is quite sturdy. You could sandwich it with jam and buttercream and decorate when you get there, or just leave it as it is. Don't make it too tall either because that will make it unstable!

loveulotslikejellytots · 03/08/2015 16:22

Or a tray bake would work well. You could leave it in the tin to transport, again decorate before or after you travel.

addictedtosugar · 03/08/2015 16:23

Rocky road?
I think in this case, I might buy one. And I make all birthday cakes in this house.

magicpuppy · 03/08/2015 17:33

Thanks for the replies.

I was thinking of rocky road/biscuit cake type but I had an iced biscuit cake once and it was very, very sweet. Not that I usually have a problem with sweet but the icing tipped it over the edge into sickly.

Might buy one. Like addicted I usually always make our birthday cakes but with the travelling it might be better.

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Bunbaker · 03/08/2015 17:49

Why not make a cake and freeze it, then transport it in its frozen state? I have done that loads of times when SIL has family celebrations going on. A basic sponge decorated with buttercream freezes beautifully, and once it has thawed you would never know it had previously been frozen.

MERLYPUSSEDOFF · 04/08/2015 09:24

Lemon drizzle loaf and transport it in the loaf tin? Or a selection of cup cakes?

glenthebattleostrich · 04/08/2015 09:28

Second medera cake. I made one in a Thursday, wrapped it in cling and foil, decorated it on Saturday and then drove 2 hours with it for dads birthday. It survived really well. If you have any buble wrap you could put a layer of that around it when packaging it.

It's quite a slow bake too so lots of time to finish the packing.

I use the recipe from lindya cakes and it is very easy

magicpuppy · 04/08/2015 10:04

Thanks everyone.

Decision made by my dds. I have ordered some cupcakes that spell out his name and age and we are going to make a chocolate biscuit cake, bring that and decorate it with the cupcakes!

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