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Help me to love baking...

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fatmumma · 27/07/2015 08:19

I hate baking, always goes wrong, and when i have tried DH either takes over or is critical so I have given up...

Thing is, DC are getting older now so I have more time on my hands and getting a bit bored so wondered about doing some baking to fill my time.

Help me to ignite a passion for baking before I go crazy

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fatmumma · 28/07/2015 12:48

Cupcakes - well DD needs to take a cake to camp next week, so that is on my list. Also would like to make a apple pie as we have a German student staying with us at the moment and I thought it was fairly traditional Hmm

Might also make some cupcakes, but am rubbish at piping, any tips on that would be great Smile

OP posts:
LetThereBeCupcakes · 28/07/2015 21:22

Google marshmallow on cupcakes. Job done.

We always had to take a cake on camp! Good times.

maslinpan · 29/07/2015 21:32

Are you just considering baking to prove a point to your DH? If you got really good at it, would he be able to swallow his pride and praise your efforts? And how would it feel if he didn't? I do love baking, but I can't imagine taking up a hobby if I didn't really have an interest in it in the first place.
The BBC Good Food site has a ton of recipes which are usually very reliable and easy to follow. Good luck!

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