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What can I do with some halva?

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nuttybananas · 14/06/2015 09:51

I've been given a block of this and while it tastes nice we aren't massively fussed by it and the weird texture sticks to your teeth. But it tastes nice and we both think it would probably good as part of a dessert but neither of us are imaginative to figure out what to do with it other than sprinkle a bit of it on ice cream!
Does anyone know this product and what could be done with it?

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AlternativeTentacles · 14/06/2015 09:56

I absolutely hate it. I'd open the bin and chuck it in. Eurgh.

NiceAcorns · 14/06/2015 09:59

Love it! I just eat it straight out of the pack; it never lasts long enough to get turned into something else

IvyWall · 14/06/2015 10:00

Same as AT

Newquay · 14/06/2015 10:03

Ha ha I've also got some in fridge and eating it gradually. Hoping someone knows what to do....

CustardLover · 14/06/2015 10:07

I used to go to a restaurant that had halva icecream and it was amazing - the reason we went there! I haven't made this but it looks amazing and now I want it for breakfast!

karmakameleon · 14/06/2015 10:29

I came on to recommend halva ice cream but see CustardLover has beaten me to it. I haven't made the ottolenghi recipe but but have one that just involves whizzing the halva in a blender with cream and freezing and it's very easy and gorgeous.

mrspremise · 15/06/2015 19:39

Cut it into pieces with sharp kitchen scissors and dip in melted dark chocolate.Grin

nuttybananas · 15/06/2015 21:55

Mrs premise - that sounds amazing! I've crumbled half of the block into some melty ice cream and refrozen and the rest will become dark chocolate bites!

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