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Cheap quick caravan recipes

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Ihavenobrain · 29/05/2015 12:00

Going on a cheap holiday in a caravan and don't want to eat out.
Can anyone advise good cheap and quick recipes?
Don't want to spend loads of time cooking as its a holiday. Grin

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Tinkerisdead · 29/05/2015 12:38

You dont say if you're in a static van or tourer. If you're in a static you're likely to have a microwave which helps.

In my caravan we eat:
Curry and microwavable rice
Chilli and rice
Spaghetti bolognese
Cheesy/tuna pasta
Sausage and mash
And the obligatory bbq!

Ihavenobrain · 29/05/2015 13:35

It's a static. Thank you these are great.

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