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dps parents gave us a slowcooker, only problem is how to use it

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TravellingHopefully12 · 26/05/2015 11:59

DPs parents recently gave us a slowcooker as part of DPs birthday present, saying it was a practical gift which would save us a lot of money.

I have no experience of slowcookers, but have spent ages looking online, and a lot of recipes seem so expensive (throw in a bottle of wine - no thanks, I'd rather drink it!.)

Another blog suggested you put it away between April - September as they are useless in the summer.

Please can people advise me on how to use it, sensibly, inexpensively? We don't have a massive freezer so bulk cooking is not a great option.

I am also uncertain about going out and leaving it on low all day, though DPs mother says this is not dangerous at all. I am one of these super paranoid people however - going back to the flat to double check my hair straighteners are def not on even though I remember turning them off, sort of thing, so maybe it is just me...

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the Slowcooker - just confused about how to use it.

As DP works longer hours I do do all the cooking which I like doing, so please don't say to ask him. He also doesn't have a clue - though he knows his mother's made 'good casseroles and soups.'

DP's mother says 'you will learn to love it.

OP posts:
cdtaylornats · 26/05/2015 14:45

You can definitely leave it on all day - that's what they are for, bung casserole, curry or similar stuff in first thing and ready to eat when you get in. Its other main benefit is if you're running late an extra hour doesn't hurt.

Best to check the web for slow cooker recipes as they tend to use less liquid.

If you use alcohol in a recipe you should reduce it first as the alcohol won't escape.

SunnyBaudelaire · 26/05/2015 14:48

I think you should place it under the sink with all those oddments that do not belong anywhere, now to save time.
Slow cookers are vile, the devil's work.
I could put all the same ingredients that I normally use for a stew made the normal way into a slow cooker, and it comes out tasting of slop. Devil's slop.

PotteringAlong · 26/05/2015 14:50

Bung in meat, curry paste, carton of tomatoes, lovely slow cooker curry.

Also great for doing hams in. And rice pudding!

PotteringAlong · 26/05/2015 14:51

You can definitely leave it on all day - it's just like leaving a lightbulb on.

Waggamamma · 26/05/2015 16:33

slow cooker favs in our house:
sausage as onion casserole
whole chicken
chicken casserole
chilli con carne
spag bol
filling of steak pie
jacket potatoes
Spanish chicken
pasta sauces (not cream based)
pulled pork
ham/gammon joint

bung it on in the morning ready for getting home from work.

gamerchick · 26/05/2015 16:36

For your first try go to a supermarket and look for slow cooker packet mix and follow the
Instructions... When you're more confident you can sort out your spice rack so you have everything you need to hand.

MERLYPUSSEDOFF · 26/05/2015 18:22

I have only just 'cracked' my slow cooker. I hated it. I now cook most stew type stuff in it (leeks make it taste weird though) and have tried joints. Pulled pork is yum.

IpsyUpsyDaisyDo · 26/05/2015 20:21

Slow cookers are at their best when cooking really tough, cheaper cuts of meat. The way it cooks it, for a long time & sealed so moisture doesn't escape, makes cuts like beef shin & brisket, and lamb shoulder soooo tender and delicious. And it costs the same as a lightbulb to have on.
I use it for stews and joints of lamb & pork. I also make chicken stock in it using a leftover roast chicken carcass for soup. It's less good with meat that's already quite tender, chicken breast isn't great slow-cooked.

TravellingHopefully12 · 31/05/2015 14:57

Thank you all....I'm trying it this afternoon with very cheap pork, and a lot of trepidation. I'm cleaning the house though, so I can keep checking back to ensure it's not exploded or anything like that.

Sunny - you made me laugh so much!x

OP posts:
gamerchick · 31/05/2015 15:05

Just don't lift the lid no matter how tempted.

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