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Fussy 3yo a 7 month old... What to give them?!

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Loveallmyboys · 09/05/2015 08:56

After breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas. I'm all out! Thanks x

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MTWTFSS · 09/05/2015 18:49

Perhaps start by telling us the kinds of food they do eat so we can suggest similar things?

I find most little ones like eating food that is fun, so is either in a familiar shape (teddy bear shaped sandwiches) or food they can play with (such as giving them a taco shell and letting them fill it with fillings).

allovertheworld · 09/05/2015 18:58

I have been meaning to start a thread like this for a while, struggling to give the 7 mo variety while.serving something 3yo will eat.

so just following really, but yes do tell us what the 3yo will eat that might help with ideas

BelleA · 09/05/2015 20:55

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987flowers · 09/05/2015 21:02

I find letting them serve themselves really helps (your 3yo not baby obviously!!)
Sitting and eating together also helps as the food you eat is normal.

I don't think there are non fussy meals, at 7 months my youngest loved Thai prawn green curry but wouldn't eat a fish finger which you'd expect to be non fussy!!
Sorry not specific help but I'd just try lots of different tastes.
Also getting them involved helps so I have a pampered chef child knife which mine were using from the age of 2/3 yrs old.
Good y!

987flowers · 09/05/2015 21:04

I should add that I find adding bacon or chorizo to anything makes it a winner (not the healthiest I realise) but macaroni cheese with bacon and broccoli is s sure fire winner here!

mrsmeerkat · 09/05/2015 21:10

I am interested in this too. I have a baby weaning shortly and a 19 month old.

For toddler I tend to chop veg small and serve with pasta and pesto or a cheese sauce

Risotto goes down well and most supermarkets stock frozen risotto and its very handy

Omelette is great

Thai curry goes down well

Lentil and courgette with tomato sauce is one I make a lot

Meatballs and spagetti

allovertheworld · 09/05/2015 22:19

back to share some of my own tactics..

Breakfast is different for each; 3yo will eat weetabix; shreddies and frozen blueberries. 7mo has fruit or veg slices and porridge fingers (I have porridge so I make his with mine).

Lunch I usually do sandwiches (3yo eats chicken; tuna; or almond butter and if squash them flat together and cut into finger strips 7mo can manage those too) or a 'dippy spread' of houmous and things to dip in it like carrot, pitta etc.. Is attempt to encourage 3yo to try new dippers. For 7mo I steam some of the dipping vegetables and either mash or let him eat on own. Also if houmous is quite thick he can shove it in his mouth by getting it onto his fist and sucking.

Also find sweet potato wedges good for the baby (shove in oven in morning and then take out with me in a tupperware) and hoping this will encourage 3yo to try them.

Home made pizza another option (3yo has tuna; 7mo has plain tom sauce without cheese as he's CMPI). Can whizz veg into the sauce if you have some handy.

Dinner: roast chicken with potato wedges and steamed veg sticks for baby to eat; Or chicken with couscous - chop tomatoes and cucumber to stir in cous cous plus any other veg I'm trying to sneak into 3yo. For 7mo I chop the cucumber into sticks; mix cous cous with a pouch to make spoon food. Pasta bolognese (7MO sucks sauce from pasta) or pasta with tuna sauce; pasta with avocados (whizz avos up in a blender with a bit of pasta cooking water and lemon juice; stir over pasta and add chopped cherry tomatoes for 3yo; plus bacon for grown ups or any kids who like it (mine doesn't)).

Stews work ok for hte 7mo as he can either try to eat bits of meat himself or I can chop/blend them for him. but sadly the 3yo is getting fussier about stew.

Also meatballs/burgers can work well for the baby and you can stir in grated/chopped veg before cooking but sadly again the 3yo is getting fussier about these things.

Loveallmyboys · 09/05/2015 23:04

Thanks ladies! All fab ideas. 3yo has become worse lately(my 11yo has always been odd with food-won't eat anything 'wet'. Dry cereal, no gravy, never had ketchup!) and 3yo has picked up on this now! He's even started saying no to pizza! He says everything us 'dirty' if he doesn't like the look of it!
He will eat porridge for breakfast. Sometimes a bit if a sandwich for lunch-mood depending- won't eat anything potato-based unless it's a chip! He's ok ish with fruit but won't touch a vegetable...! I'm at my whits end!
I think the 11yo is beyond help now!

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