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Will you share your favourite dinner party dessert recipes please?

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Chewbecca · 29/04/2015 20:08

I have 8 people coming on Sat night and really fancy trying a new dessert or two. It's a casual dinner, not very formal, no starter - we'll start with cocktails and nibbles followed by fish pie.

I have great tried and tested recipes (that i've made for same guests in past) for chocolate tart, lemon posset, raspberry & white choc cheesecake & a pannacotta type number.

Must be nut free & I woud prefer to make it 24 hours in advance if possible.

What would you make?

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Girlwhowearsglasses · 29/04/2015 20:12

How about roasted peaches with red wine. Peaches (or plums) halved and face down on buttered dish. Mix brown sugar with red wine to make syrup.

Roast in oven until syrup reduced and peaches software.

Once cool decant syrup and put two peach halves in glass dish.
Whipped cream/ice cream
Drizzle syrup on top before serving


Girlwhowearsglasses · 29/04/2015 20:14

Sorry forgot to say to pour the syrup in the dish to roast. Peaches go red. Tis yum

Tomodachi · 29/04/2015 20:19

This Chocolate Orange Truffle cake
Make ahead and delicious - keeps for ages too, I used a mix of dark and milk chocolate and some orange oil as I don't like Terry's chocolate.

And if you wanted a second, different dessert how about a fruit salad with raspberry coulis

Chewbecca · 29/04/2015 22:09

Thank you both.

I've poached pears before & loved it but DH not keen and I suspect would not be keen on peaches either but thanks anyway.

The chocolate orange looks perfect & I'm going to make it. Serves 10 (at least I reckon), made in advance, a crowd pleaser plus I have some Cointreau knocking about that wants using up so ticks all my boxes, i'm hopeful everyone will like it so will stick with the one dessert this time. It got DH's thumbs up too.

Thanks again!

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