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What can I eat with Polenta?

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SteamyMcDreamy · 28/04/2015 15:53

I've bought some polenta today and wondered if anyone knew what I could eat with it. I'd prefer to serve the polenta soft as I don't have time to let it set and then fry it. Also I'm trying to stay a little bit healthy.

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SteamyMcDreamy · 28/04/2015 17:59


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WonderWombat · 28/04/2015 18:05

We often have it with chicken cacciatore. Polenta is quite bland. I'd want to have with some kind of spicy sauce - perhaps a bolognese.

SunnySomer · 28/04/2015 18:06

There is a lovely mushroom ragu recipe in the HFW veg book that goes with polenta.
Or a really flavoury meaty casserole.

Allalonenow · 28/04/2015 18:09

Anything along the lines of meat sauce, vegetable stew, rich tomato sauce etc.
Often served with braised steak in rich gravy, or hare in wine sauce.
You could serve it with grilled meat such as a chicken joint or lamb chops, but it would need an accompanying sauce too as its quite bland served soft.

Rattitude · 28/04/2015 18:12

I have it cooked in milk with some garlic and fresh thyme, and gorgonzola (or Stilton).
It is lovely and I serve it with a chicken breast.

Allalonenow · 28/04/2015 19:54

Oh yes, I agree some herbs and cheese will work wonders to perk it up. It's years since I've had gorgonzola, I will have to get some now, wonderful flavour!

DrElizabethPlimpton · 28/04/2015 19:59

A vegetable tagine would be lovely.

SnotQueen · 28/04/2015 20:01

Osso buco.

Allalonenow · 28/04/2015 20:06

YY to Osso Bucco! Smile

SteamyMcDreamy · 28/04/2015 20:08

Thank you. I'll have a look at all the suggestions.

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LittleMiss77 · 28/04/2015 21:11

Not particularly healthy but orange polenta cake is very nice

Elledouble · 28/04/2015 21:13

I serve casseroles on top of polenta. Usually Italian style ones with beans and herbs in, sometime sausage casseroles.

avocadotoast · 28/04/2015 21:19

Hmm, I've only ever had it once it's set. I did have it at my cousin's wedding with a tomato sauce and roasted veg though, that was lovely Smile

whois · 28/04/2015 22:01

HFW mushroom thing but as a bit of balsamic to it as well.

Anything saucy or stew like.

sarajones2 · 28/04/2015 22:05

Try salted cod in a red sauce, also known as Baccala. The combination is perfect, mild but salty cod with the texture of Polenta and a red sauce...mmm

MaddingCrowd · 29/04/2015 05:55

Yes to mushrooms! Loads of butter and Parmesan in the polenta finished with lemon and pepper then lovely thymey mushrooms on top.

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