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Tell me about your vitamix

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SundayThymes · 10/04/2015 12:55

My dear DH bought me one for my birthday and it is so beyond something we can afford. I really want to get a lot out of it because he wprked so hard to get it and wants me to be thrilled. I am but can't help but think it's a bit unnecessary.

So tell me what you use yours for and why you love it. I'm a decent cook so hopefully the sky's the limit...

OP posts:
didyouwritethe · 10/04/2015 12:59

Watching with interest. Sorry not to be able to help - people I know rave about being able to make soup really easily...

SundayThymes · 10/04/2015 14:49

I blended some soup in it and it was fabulously smooth and delicious. Not sure about the making soup from the off in it though...

OP posts:
pengymum · 10/04/2015 15:01

It's just a very noisy blender imho. I think you can get cheaper but just as effective blenders. I blend soup using a stick blender - much less washing up. Don't want the type of soup you make in a vitamix. Use a stick blender to make pancake & Yorkshire pudding batters in jug so can pour straight into pan. Again less washing up.
I'd swap it for a decent stick blender and a food processor but that's just my opinion.
Can't see that it's worth the money.

SundayThymes · 10/04/2015 15:08

Thanks but I have to keep it. Would
Appreciate a positive experience.

OP posts:
MEgirl · 10/04/2015 18:04

I have a smaller jug for mine and use it a lot to make peanut butter. Dd uses it frequently to make smoothies.

Scootergrrrl · 10/04/2015 18:30

I like mine, especially for making frozen margaritas! It's also good for pancake batter and making hummus and stuff. You can chop veg in there too if you put some water in as well.

lunar1 · 10/04/2015 18:46

I make the icecream in mine lots. I use it to make curry paste, peanut butter, soups. Milkshakes are really good in it. I use it at least 4 times a week and wouldn't be without it.

SundayThymes · 11/04/2015 06:27

Hooray thank you! Excited to try and make nut butters. I tried pumpkin seed butter the other day but didn't fill jug enough so it didn't blend. Can you get a smaller jug attachment?

OP posts:
shinysparklythings · 11/04/2015 06:36

Ours was a wedding present from my dad who knew we had coveted one for a while. It is amazing!

The think I think is probably most useful that other blenders won't do is make curry pastes from scratch, grinding cinnamon from a stick into fine powder!

We also use it for cocktail slushies - and just normal cocktails. Smoothies, sorbets, to make mayo.

I'm sure there are a million more things we could use it for. Grin

shinysparklythings · 11/04/2015 06:37

Apologies for the atrocious grammar! typing v quick on phone to distract from morning sicknessConfused

SundayThymes · 11/04/2015 06:39

Will it grind small amounts? Say if I wanted to grind spices for just one curry for example?

OP posts:
SundayThymes · 11/04/2015 06:40

Also sorry you are sick! Poor you Flowers

OP posts:
shinysparklythings · 11/04/2015 07:28

Yes, we use it to make dry rubs and curry paste for a single meal.

Oh i also make a lot of pesto in the summer!

SundayThymes · 11/04/2015 07:33

Do you have a small jug? Mines quite large.

OP posts:
shinysparklythings · 11/04/2015 07:49

No I've just got the large jug. Have you got the sticky thing. If you put that in it sometimes helps.

SundayThymes · 11/04/2015 08:00

Yes have the sticky thing. Think I need to just perfect my technique maybe!

OP posts:
dangerrabbit · 11/04/2015 08:10

I don't have one but my colleague does and raves about it. She blends nuts in it, makes ice cream, makes soups and sauces and smoothies.

lunar1 · 11/04/2015 11:40

If it's a small amount I grind it for a few seconds then stop and shake the jug to move bigger bits that have got lost at the side and repeat a couple of times till done.

winterwalks · 12/04/2015 00:16

I use it all the time.
I make smoothies, soups and lots of healthy food.
Look on u tube or pin interest for ideas.
Deliciously Ella has gorgeous recipes that often use a high power blender like vitamix

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