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420g of sugar???

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BoatsAgainstTheCurrent · 01/04/2015 11:51

Making this cake & as it's an American recipe I've used a guide to convert 2 cups of granulated sugar to grams (was this one It has come out as 420g! Shock Isn't that a lot? The sugar is for the two chocolate cakes... I usually use 200-odd grams for a two tiered cake... so it's double that and more. Will it be too sweet & should I reduce it?

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BoatsAgainstTheCurrent · 02/04/2015 13:42

Bumping Easter Grin

OP posts:
Doilooklikeatourist · 02/04/2015 15:09

Ive made couple of cakes from American recipes , they always seem to be heavy on the sugar ( but lower fat )
Can you just use a cup to measure ? I think they measure in volume , not weight

patchesmcp · 03/04/2015 18:26

I use a one of Nigella's recipes for brownies and that uses 500g of sugar so your 420g might be right...

FoxyVeganJane · 03/04/2015 18:34

Well 1 cup is 250 ml which is 250 grams. So actually your 2 cups of sugar should be 500g.

Ive not looked at the recip but it depends on serving and raising agents. American cakes can be heavy on the sugar.

Have a small slice it will be fine Wink

sanfairyanne · 03/04/2015 19:18

american recipes seem v heavy on sugar
i have a similar amount for a brownie recipe - tastes nice tho Grin

Justusemyname · 03/04/2015 19:24

I use half or less than half of stated sugar in baking and there are never any complaints from the kids. Today I baked a cake and used a sugar substitute. Kids happy with cake didn't notice any difference.

SiobhanSharpe · 15/04/2015 20:37

Lots of sugar , as in brownie recipes, make the cake more dense and fudgy, (as well as very sweet, of course). Should be scrummy fine but it won't be like a chocolate sponge

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