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What to serve with Tagine?

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ArtyFartyQueen · 25/03/2015 10:02

I'm having some friends over for dinner on Saturday and planning on cooking a big lamb tagine in the slow cooker. Wondered if anyone had any ideas for accompaniments and maybe a starter idea? I was thinking of serving it with couscous, a leafy salad and maybe some pitta bread with falafel and dips as a starter and maybe a pavlova for pudding?

OP posts:
cdtaylornats · 25/03/2015 11:40

If you want to keep the theme then Baklava for desert.

pregnantpause · 25/03/2015 12:12

A tabbouleh ( parsley salad) is lovely as a side to a lot of tagines.

Nolim · 25/03/2015 12:18

Cous cous

Allalonenow · 25/03/2015 12:22

Baklava would be the ideal pudding, or maybe a fruit platter of oranges and honey, dates stuffed with almonds, mango and persimon, serve with yoghurt and rose or orange water.

DialMforMummy · 25/03/2015 13:01

I think your menu sounds lovely!

cdtaylornats · 25/03/2015 17:57

And Turkish coffee with caramelised nuts and Turkish delight

Crocodopolis · 25/03/2015 19:59

I'd serve preserved lemons with the couscous.

SconessMcFloness · 25/03/2015 21:28
The Feta, mint and lemon topping in the recipe above really works to lift flavours of a tagine.

I wouldn't bother with a starter - just some olives, nuts & crisps to have with pre dinner drinks.
Pudding - an orange almond cake served with marscapone. Or a lemon self saucing pudding. Or Nigella's marmalade pudding cake.

scratchandsniff · 25/03/2015 21:34

I've served it with cous cous and warm pitta before. I chopped a selection of fresh herbs (flat leaf parsley, mint etc) and put in the Cous cous with lemon juice and a bit of olive oil (chicken stock to cook it with).

Or maybe save pittas for starter and serve with falafels, griddled halloumi and houmous/ dips.

I think pavlova would be a great dessert - not too heavy.

Yum. What time shall I come around? Grin

fannyfanakapan · 25/03/2015 21:35

I always put some pomegranate seeds on top of my tagine, as I serve. Thats sweetness is just delicious!

for dessert, look here

SakuraSakura · 26/03/2015 09:57

I love tagine. I'd do warm hummus with flatbreads for starter. This salad is so good & works perfectly as a side dish. Couscous. Agree with pomegranate seeds, I put them on top of my tagine. They look so pretty too.

Can I come? Smile

JamNan · 26/03/2015 10:22

How about a freekeh pilaf (which you can buy in Tesco and Waitrose).
Yotam's recipe here

Carrot salad with mint and pomegranates as Sakura suggested.

You might like some harissa sauce to go with it too. Don't forget lots of different types of olives.

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