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AIBU about my food processor?

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ElphabaTheGreen · 23/03/2015 10:45

I've just been standing here hurling obscenities at my food processor.

I need to batch cook (baby, toddler, work FT) so I've been trying to chop veg in my food processor to speed things up. All I end up with is goo, punctuated with massive chunks. I try and pulse small batches but the best I can get with that is massively uneven chunks then suddenly it's a quagmire of veg drowning in grey shit. I think I've just ruined a double batch of veg burgers, hence the cussing.

Is it me or my food processor? (It's a KitchenAid Artisan, BTW.)

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SconessMcFloness · 23/03/2015 11:57

Why don't you contact kitchen aid and see what they suggest? I was never very impressed with the chopping or grating function of my Magimix. Confused

ElphabaTheGreen · 23/03/2015 12:33

I've always hated this food processor, I must admit. My MIL very kindly gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago but this was after a conversation where I had said in words to this effect: 'Thank you so much for offering to buy me a food processor DMIL. Any will do, but DON'T buy me the KitchenAid Artisan one, even though it's pretty, as it gets very bad reviews.'

She missed some crucial bits in my request, there Confused

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coolaschmoola · 23/03/2015 12:36

Best thing I found for blitzing baby food is a Kenwood Tri Blade. Relatively cheap and utterly brilliant.

ElphabaTheGreen · 23/03/2015 14:53

I don't want to blitz baby food, though. I want decently-chopped veg!

OP posts:
Eyespy24 · 23/03/2015 15:08

I have a magimix & get the best results for chopped veg for batch cooking with the standard blade using pulse. Otherwise I get what you describe! Took me a few goes to discover this.

coolaschmoola · 30/03/2015 04:05

Ah, sorry, misread. I use an adjustable mandolin for slicing and a box chopper for dicing. I find it quicker and easier than using the food processor once you factor in prep and clean up. Then again I also buy bags of pre chopped vegetables for £1 each because that's the easiest way of all! Grin

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