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Unripe avocados - can I salvage?

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superoz · 18/03/2015 11:42

Help! Just had my shopping delivered and before I had time to unpack it all my toddler has tried eating the avocados, still in the packet!
There are bite marks all over them and they are unripe - is there any way I can ripen them now or are they destined for the bin?

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Cawanaka · 18/03/2015 12:45

How soon do you need them to ripen and how deep are the bite marks?

The old putting them with bananas trick does work but not instantly.

I'd still keep them if it were me.

superoz · 18/03/2015 12:59

The bite marks are about 0.5 cm deep so has gone into the flesh, won't they start to oxidise and turn black? Just wonder if they will still ripen before going off, I don't need them straight away.

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Cawanaka · 18/03/2015 14:00

Just scrape the black bits off when it comes to eating. Them being black doesn't mean they're off. Only what's exposed will blacken the rest will be fine.

I'd maybe wrap them in cling film.

tinytops · 18/03/2015 17:18

Squeeze a bit of lemon over the bite marks and keep in fridge

superoz · 18/03/2015 23:15

Thanks, I'll put cling film round them and leave them to in the fruit bowl. Hopefully they'll be ok!

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