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Bet this has been done to death- but slow cooker vegetarian recipes please!

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Tollygunge · 16/03/2015 11:14

Just bought one and am sceptical as to how fabulous they are- looking online and found recipes for veg lasagne, porridge and even mashed potatoes. We like curry and chilli but would also love your other best vegetarian recipes. Also do you sauté onions etc and how do you stop things being really wet and sloppy?! Thanks all!

OP posts:
Falconwolf101 · 16/03/2015 15:54

Hey Tolly,
We're not exactly veggies, but have you tried quorn recipies? I think you can take any regular curry, swap the meat for a quorn alternative, and it tastes sort of similar. As for stopping things getting wet and sloppy, if it really bothers you, remove exess water or oil, but often this adds to the flavour so keep it in if possible. Hope this helps!
Falcon x

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 16/03/2015 20:25

The only things I do in mine are chilli and a Quorn filling for a shepherd's pie. Rice pudding good in it.

Otherwise, am watching this thread in anticipation.

I hate tinned tomatoes, and too many veggie recipes rely on the hideous red globs of nastiness, so any recipes which don't would be much appreciated!

FoxyVeganJane · 16/03/2015 20:29

I'm on the verge of selling my slow cooker. So I too am hoping for inspiration.

I find thinks don't work well, slow cooking in the oven is amazing compared to my slow cooker. I'm stuck too.

poisonedbypen · 16/03/2015 20:56
Smooshface · 17/03/2015 11:50

I did Rachel Allen's lentil dhal in slow cooker rather than oven, that was delicious, from the Bake book. Slimming World have a spring veg risotto in 'all in one' book, although it's

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