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Side dishes for middle eastern lamb

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butterfliesinmytummy · 13/03/2015 13:29

I'm going to make a middle eastern / Turkish lamb dish for a big Sunday lunch and will do a jeweled couscous as a side dish (mezze for starters), what veg can I do? Child friendly would be a bonus!

OP posts:
IHeartKingThistle · 13/03/2015 13:38

My kids love chickpeas - they're almost a vegetable, right?

I did this recently and we had salads, flatbread and dips too. Mmmm....

SunnyBaudelaire · 13/03/2015 13:41

a lovely tzatsiki/cacik goes really well with lamb and is v easy and cheap to make. LIDL do a great Turkish style yoghurt that would be ideal for this.

Charitygirl1 · 13/03/2015 13:43

Tabbouleh? If you do it 'properly' so it's more herb than bulgur. Or fattoush salad, or chickpea mash (ie two tins of chickpeas in the blender with a but if cumin/sumac), tzatsiki, tomato and coriander salad? Sounds v nice!

SunnyBaudelaire · 13/03/2015 13:45

In Rhodes = so nearly Turkey -I had this lovely salad that was basically chopped flat leaf parsley with chopped red onion through it. Delicious

HuevosRancheros · 13/03/2015 14:34

Ottolenghi's roasted cauliflower salad from "Jerusalem"?

butterfliesinmytummy · 13/03/2015 14:36

Thank you all, was looking for something green but like the idea of a cacik and a tabbouleh, chickpeas would be good too, could do something stew-like with them.... Mustn't forget the flatbreads. I live in Texas so no Lidl but a vast Turkish supermarket / deli nearby with loads of imported stuff so will stock up there Grin

OP posts:
butterfliesinmytummy · 13/03/2015 14:38

On the Ottolenghi site now Huevos, should have thought of that first!

OP posts:
HuevosRancheros · 13/03/2015 15:46

The cauliflower salad is awesome, so much better than it sounds from the ingredients list :)

HuevosRancheros · 13/03/2015 15:49

Recipe here if you don't have the book

butterfliesinmytummy · 13/03/2015 18:30


OP posts:
Silverjohnleggedit · 14/03/2015 10:43

Homemade pickles

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