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The perfect omelette?

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BlackDaisies · 26/02/2015 00:08

Having just made yet another omelette that turned out like a scrambled egg, can anyone give me any tips for making the perfect omelette, or tell me where I might be going wrong?!

OP posts:
PigletJohn · 26/02/2015 00:21

you don't add milk, do you?

Just a quarter eggshell of COLD water whisked in.

Pull the bottom with a spatula as long as there is enough runny to flow into the gap. Then stop and wait until the top is nearly set and the bottom is a bit browned. Don't turn it. You can fold it once as you slide it onto the warm plate.

You need a really non-stick pan (polish it with half a drop of cooking oil on kitchen roll). Not enough fat or oil to mix into the egg.

CogitoErgoSometimes · 26/02/2015 00:23

After much experimentation I think you need a really good non-stick small omelette pan, a knob of butter and three large fresh eggs, preferably free range because the colour and texture is better.

Heat the butter in the pan until it just starts to sizzle. Medium heat only. Whisk the eggs together with a little seasoning, tip into the sizzling butter and then, with the back of a fork, gently stir the egg as it cooks, tipping the pan around at the same time. When it's just setting, flip in half and finish cooking.

Gumnast2014 · 26/02/2015 00:26

Buy a little omelette maker from aldi

Amazing omelette and poached eggs every time!!

QueenBean · 26/02/2015 00:28

YY to Cogito's advice, although I'd say it would be safer to grill the top instead of flipping it

Bragadocia · 26/02/2015 00:31

Delia is my omelette guru. Except I use a bit of butter as well as oil, and add half an egg shell of cold water.

This is how I've made them for 20 million years, and they are perfect.

BlackDaisies · 26/02/2015 00:36

Wow, thanks for the quick replies. I wasn't expecting any at this time of night! I'll try out these ideas (but not now - I must sleep!) and let you know Smile

OP posts:
itstartsnow · 26/02/2015 00:40

I do eggs and milk whisked - pour into a oiled non stick pan and cook the bottom (keep flicking at the edge to check) once it's almost cooked pop it under the grill to cook the top.

I used to mix the eggs once in the pan but it just turned them to scrambled. Just pour and leave it ! Should slide right off the pan and onto your plate then fold.


Ludways · 26/02/2015 00:41

Water for omelettes as the water boils and adds air into the eggs which makes it fluffy. As a pp said, don't turn it; I don't like uncooked egg so I cook the top slightly under the grill, this usually adds a little height to it too.

cogitosum · 26/02/2015 00:43

A teeny pan.

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