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Quick question about slow cooker....

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MummyIsMagic79 · 03/02/2015 14:54

Hi all

About to buy a slow cooker. Want to be able to put ingredients in it and then go to work, come back 7/8 hours later and have food all ready. Do I need one with a timer??

OP posts:
Justmuddlingalong · 03/02/2015 14:56

Nope, you don't need one with a timer.

TywysogesGymraeg · 03/02/2015 18:13

I've never seen one with a timer, so no, you don't need one. Switch it on in the !morning, and leave it on all day.

SillyBlueHat · 04/02/2015 19:17

Things like beef and lamb ok all day but have found chicken better for 6 hrs

GrumbelinaPicklebottom · 04/02/2015 19:29

I think it depends on which one you buy. I have a multicooker (fryer, steamer, rice cooker and slow cooker all in one) and mine is boiling furiously within half an hour on low, and things stick and burn if left for longer than 3-4 hours Angry. It's now pretty much a glorified rice cooker (can manage this okay for some reason).

I have been looking for a new slow cooker for ages, and read reviews for pretty much every slow cooker out there - almost all have at least a couple of reviews complaining of the same problem (heat too high/cooking too quickly). I don't know if there are just some dud ones occasionally in all brand or ....?

maybe use it for the first time when you will be home so you don't come home to something inedible. Then you'll know if you need to invest in a timer too.

Nolim · 04/02/2015 19:34

For 7,8 hours probably not. Most recepies take that long.

TwoKidsAndCounting · 04/02/2015 19:34

No timer needed

vinegarandbrownpaper · 04/02/2015 19:42

If it helps make your decision I have one that is just great on the low setting its a breville. I have put it on overnight and dine the during work thing fine. If I think there's a chance I'll get delayed I just put the tinest bit of extra liquid in there (as they dont lose much). Chicken has stayed in longer with no ill effects, but I do have a timer plug at the ready.. afterlast weekend.. as I wanted to lie in till noon and have a baked chicken. Timer plug enabled cooking to start at 4am. Worked a treat! I would say if you find you are getting delayed a lot then have a timer plug to turn it off. Full slow cookers stay warm for quite some time even when off so its no biggie to heat up again later. It gets fun coming home/ getting up to cooked meals! Enjoy!

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