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Any axolotl owners?

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clpsmum · 22/07/2023 10:07

Complete new ie looking for advice. We are currently setting up the tank and getting that ready for an axolotl but have never wonder one before so would love any help/advice/suggestions anyone has. Been reading up on them for weeks but would love to hear from actual owners

OP posts:
Sosbanfachtheresatellyinmybath · 22/07/2023 10:20

Have a look on Facebook for axolotl owner groups. When I have my leopard gecko, I found them more helpful and informative than the shop owner where I'd bought him.

Sosbanfachtheresatellyinmybath · 22/07/2023 10:20


Aug12 · 23/07/2023 10:39

I’m not an owner, yet, but hope to be later in the year so I’m following for advice :)

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