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Temporary set up

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BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack · 29/11/2018 11:33

I'm about to have my lounge decorated but need to move my 190 litre fish tank to do it. The guy in my local fish shop told me to put them in a dustbin (new and clean obv) with the filter and heater and water from the existing tank. Has anyone done this? They will be in there for a few days although I am makin sure that part of the room is done first so it's minimal upheaval for them. I have a spare 29 litre tank but its too small so I'm thinking the dustbin option probably makes the most sense. Just after ideas really, to see if anyone has any better ideas? Would be so good if there was an option to rent a tank for a while.

OP posts:
bunnygeek · 29/11/2018 13:58
Karmin · 11/12/2018 18:35

It will be fine for a few days, just make sure you test your water frequently. The main issue would be any toxins leeching from the plastic into the water as well as the stability of the container.

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