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2 white cloud mountain minnows left - kinder to euthanise?

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bandito · 19/08/2018 12:09

I have 2, 7-year-old WCM, minnows in a 60l tank. They are the last of a shoal of 11. There are no other fish in the tank, a few snails from the plants only. I know that these are shoaling fish and shouldn't be kept in groups of less than about 5-6 so I am not sure what to do with the last 2 - could they go in a smaller tank? Would it be kinder to put them to sleep? I don't want to buy any more fish. Any suggestions, please? TIA

OP posts:
Spilledmycoffee · 19/08/2018 22:40

They can go in a smaller tank, or you might be able to give them away to someone with a shoal if you advertise on gumtree etc.

Personally, I wouldn't euthanize healthy fish x

mummyhaschangedhername · 26/08/2018 22:26

Give them away to someone on Facebook groups.

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