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Males attacking pregnant female endler - help

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Itsmeaga1n · 14/05/2018 02:56

I have a small tank, I had 3 male Endlers. Today I was given 4 more, I wasnt planning on adding more after that or breeding. It turns out one is a female and by the looks of her pregnant. I know, I should have checked ...

Anyway 3 of the males (my originals) are chasing her around all the time. I've no additional tank I can isolate her in and can't get one right now either for financial reasons (I'd need to buy heater, filter too). I guess I could catch her tomorrow and take her somewhere (pets at home is the only pet shop I can get to as I've no car). In the meantime is there anything I can do? Are they likely to hurt her or are they just chasing her because she's female and they want to mate?

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Itsmeaga1n · 14/05/2018 10:31


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bunnygeek · 14/05/2018 16:29

Can you get her at least a breeding trap box for now? It's not ideal and she'll still be very stressed out. You really need to keep livebearers in a ratio of at least 3 females per male for precisely this reason. If left as is, there's a risk she'll be harassed to death.

Itsmeaga1n · 15/05/2018 09:31


I took her back to the owner and replaced her with a male. All is peaceful again in the tank!

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