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Quiet canister filter

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ScrubbyGarden · 23/09/2017 16:44

Several years ago I bought an Eheim classic canister filter on the strength of the online reviews saying that it is totally silent. Well, it never has been, it buzzes like crazy. I've changed the impeller twice, and it needs a new one again. Before I spend out- does anyone have any recommendations for one which is truly silent? It drives me potty!!

OP posts:
Fluffysparks · 23/09/2017 16:45

You don't get silent canister filters, I've been through such a struggle to find one (first world problems Grin). At least yours doesn't have the unbearable trickling sound Blush

ScrubbyGarden · 23/09/2017 16:56

I think I'd rather a trickle than the buzz, but I guess that would drive me up the wall soon enough. Grass is always greener!
what would you say is the best of the bad bunch you have tested? I'm in the next room with the radio on and I can still hear the bloody eheim...

OP posts:
Fluffysparks · 23/09/2017 18:28

Ahh, believe me a trickle seems like a more pleasant noise at first, but is much much louder! Fluval is quite good, but only marginally and I would only upgrade if your current one is on the way out

ScrubbyGarden · 24/09/2017 07:13

Thank you fluffy! We had a fluval internal filter before the canister and I liked it, so good to know.

OP posts:
PinkBlossomTree · 30/09/2017 10:53

I've got the fluval 306 and it's not silent but it's very quiet.

Got a very small tank with a internal fluval mini and that's louder than the canister.

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