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Upkeep costs

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CheshireChat · 22/07/2017 16:25

I'd like a rough estimate of the running costs for a 300L fish tank with 6 angel fish.

I've tried having a look online but the only thing I seem to find are electricity costs.

So how much for food? How much do they eat even?!

Medicine? How often do fish get sick? (Other than goldfish who seem to be the world's fussiest fish).

Filter cartridges etc.

Hidden costs?

Whilst I've had loads of pets (even an endangered species of tortoise) I've never kept fish and I'm baffled.

I've been reading the info on the INJAF website which someone kindly posted on another thread.

Any help is much appreciated.

OP posts:
Dieu · 24/07/2017 02:08

I'm curious about this too. I'm doing a fishless cycle at the moment (total beginner) and have the heater and filter going 24/7. Not to mention the light 12 hours a day for the plants. Not sure how all of this will impact my leccy bills!
I am going to be keeping only one centrepiece fish; a Siamese fighter which costs less then a tenner. So far I have spent nearly £200 on fish stuff!!
I am guessing that it must be possible to buy big bottles of tap safe and bio boost online. At the moment I am buying smallish bottles from the fish shop, which doesn't seem particularly economical.
Sorry OP, really not helpful, but perhaps someone in the know will come and advise.

CheshireChat · 24/07/2017 10:47

I can help with figuring out the electricity costs Calculator.
It shows up in dollars, but obviously doesn't really matter.

Also, you'd better ask someone more knowledgeable, but I thought you shouldn't keep the lights on constantly, just around 8hr/day.
Not sure how true that is though.

OP posts:
PinkBlossomTree · 25/07/2017 17:46

I've just got 6 angelfish today. My large tank use to house 2 goldfish.

Once you've bought all the equipment it really doesn't cost that much to run a tank.

I've had my large tank just over a year and bought 1 bottle of declorniator and have just replaced with prime.

1 large tub of goldfish pellets and a API master kit to test the water.

Haven't replaced the filter foam and don't intend to until it's falling apart.

My 2nd small tank on the other hand with a Betta is becoming a ongoing PITA as he has fin rot.

Indian almond leaf
Fin rot treatment
PH lower solution
Aquarium Salt

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