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Rehoming fish

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SnipSnapCrashCrack · 18/08/2016 16:21

Last year I acquired 2 goldfish, one black Moore and one fantail. They have been living in a 100 litre tank and cleaned out fully once a month and seem to be very happy.
I have recently torn my rotator cuff again which makes cleaning the tank a pita as the bathroom where we empty the water is 2 rooms away from the fish tank and I have to rely on my partner with his own health problems to carry buckets of dirty water to the tank. (Filling it's easy, we use a hose)
We also have the problem in that we really don't have room for the fish as we started out with a tiny tank and didn't realise that we would need a big one.
We have decided we need to rehome the fish but I really want them to go to a good home and not get put in a tiny tank when they are used to having lots of room to swim. How do I go about rehome get them? The goldfish is too small for a pond and the black Moore is not suited to a pond and is tiny still (2.5inches at 1.5 years old.)
What do I do?
I have put them on a Facebook page stating they need to go to someone with Atleast a 60 litre tank.
I have put the tank up for sale too and have said I would prefer the fish to go with it.
No one I know wants them and I'm running out of ideas :(

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SnipSnapCrashCrack · 18/08/2016 16:21

120litre tank*

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SnipSnapCrashCrack · 18/08/2016 16:22

Sorry about the typos, the iPad hates me!

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