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bubble wall and pump confusion

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rainbowrocks · 28/04/2016 09:55

I'm just after some advise. I would like a bubble wall in our new "hopefully getting it very soon" fish tank.

I have been looking at the multicolored strips that go along the bottom of the tank, do I also need to purchase the air pump to connect to it?

Not overly fussed if it's noisy (have seen quieter ones) as the tank is going in the kitchen.

I'm a bit confused as some of the listings say pump not included but doesn't state what pump is compatable. I don't want to spend loads more money on unessisary equipment!

Many thanks

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pippistrelle · 28/04/2016 18:01

I'm far from an expert, OP, but yes, you will need a pump as well as the strip thing. I haven't used a bubble wall strip thing, but I have used a variety of air stones, and there's never been any problem with incompatibility. Maybe they all just come in a standard size, or maybe I've just been lucky. But to eliminate all doubt you could either try to buy the pump and strip as a package, or buy them from the same brand.

Enjoy your fish!

TreeSparrow · 28/04/2016 21:05

If you want a bubble wall you will need:

  1. An air stone of your choice

2. Air line (tubing)
3. Air pump

All air stones and tubing tends to be of standard size.
rainbowrocks · 29/04/2016 09:06

Fantastic thank you again

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