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Added tropical fish to my tank - now which food do I use?

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Johnny5isAlive · 15/02/2016 22:23

We had 4 temperate fish happily surviving on temperate food flakes. We've now added 3 tropical fishes and I'm continuing with the temperate flakes. Is this right? Or is there an alternate feed to suit them all?

OP posts:
TreeSparrow · 24/02/2016 10:49

Why are you mixing fish with differing environmental needs? Keeping one species at its own optimal temperature will compromise the health and well-being of the other species.

Not only that but, add you've clearly identified, they also have differing dietary needs.

Johnny5isAlive · 28/02/2016 00:01

I didn't realise they did have different environmental needs. The heater is set to 25 which the petshop advised. They said that they were fine together.

They seem to be fine on temperate flakes, so think i'll stick with this.

OP posts:
VimFuego101 · 28/02/2016 00:06

What temperate fish did you have and what did you add? I think you need to prepare yourself for the cost of setting up two separate tanks.

Johnny5isAlive · 28/02/2016 13:23

Errrrm I really don't know what type of fish they are Blush

So here is a photo. We've added 3 elder guppy fishes

All seem to be happy

Added tropical fish to my tank - now which food do I use?
OP posts:
TreeSparrow · 28/02/2016 13:34

Those are platies. They're tropical!

Johnny5isAlive · 28/02/2016 15:22

Popped to Pets at Home. They are definitely being sold as temperate and we were told they were fine in our 55l tank with the endler guppys. And they said the temperate flakes were fine for all

Added tropical fish to my tank - now which food do I use?
OP posts:
Johnny5isAlive · 28/02/2016 15:23

Do you think they need splitting up?

OP posts:
TreeSparrow · 28/02/2016 18:34

No, they don't need splitting up. You do need a heater though. Google "platy fish" and you'll find the recommended optimal temperature tends to fall into the tropical range. They'll have shortened lifespans kept at room temperature.

Johnny5isAlive · 28/02/2016 18:56

Yes. I'm not sure you've understood my thread. I've added tropical fish to the tank and heater is set to 25. I wanted advice to the type of food I needed - temperate or tropical

OP posts:
TreeSparrow · 28/02/2016 22:37

Tropical. But I'm pointing out that platies aren't temperate fish

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